The Unicorn Club

''Welcome to Unicorn Club, the perfect place for kids to discover not only the magical world of horses, but themselves too! Here, memories are made and passions are discovered through taking part in all aspects of horsemanship. A place where kids gain self confidence, and a sense of and responsibility while learning to work with, ride, and care for their beloved horses and ponies.


Through our hands-on programming, members will take part in daily horse care, safety, farm etiquette, first aid, horsemanship, and learn the basics of riding. Through the topic of horses, members will also learn about self expression, leadership, communication, problem solving, and goal setting. We are passionate about building an all inclusive community, and take the time to encourage empathy, compassion, and self esteem.


Along the way, our members are surrounded by committed and passionate teachers who create a safe and inclusive environment for kids to discover their passions. We believe there is no better place to grow and develop than outdoors, sharing your passion with your peers.''

In signing on to the Unicorn Club, you participate in two sessions per week. One hour long session is theory based, in more of a classroom setting. The second session per week is an hour and a half, and will involve horse contact-learning how to handle horses from the ground, learning to lunge horses etc and also some riding.

We are currently opening the following clubs:

Age 8 and under: Tuesdays from 4-5:30, and Saturdays 11-12.

Age 9+: Mondays from 6-7:30, and Fridays from 5-6

For Homeschooled kids:

Age 8 and under: Mondays 1-2:30, and Wednesdays 2-3:00

Age 9+ Tuesdays 1-2:30, and Fridays 1-2:00.


Participation costs $250/month if you want to commit on a monthly basis. If you would like to commit to a full year, participation is $200/month and can still be paid monthly. The Unicorn Club runs September to the end of June ever year, taking a break in July and August. We are opening our club for October.1st. Participants can join or leave at any time.

For More Information on Unicorn Club, please contact Courtney Henderson. Text or Call: 604 367 7985

''There's something about the outside of horses that's good for the inside of man''