Training horses has been Robyn's career goal since she was nine  years old. First gaining experience training her own horses and  studying other trainers, Robyn began offering her services as a  Trainer to the public after finishing University.

 Through University, Robyn's studies of Equine Behaviour and  Exercise Physiology deepened her understanding of what a horse  needs out of its trainer. Robyn is able to communicate new  concepts effectively to the horses she works with by appling this  knowledge base, as well as an unlimited supply of patience. 

 Robyn is happy to start horses either English or Western. Her  quiet, consistent body language and detailed understanding of  the horse creates an environment where horses can not only  learn, but thrive. In additional to starting horses, Robyn is also  happy to put training on riding horses who are looking for a tune  up, or to advance their skills. 

 In addition to starting horses, Robyn is happy to take on  problem horses. Having gained experience with her own  problemed horse as a teenager, Robyn also made it her mission     to get on as many horses as possible growing up. This resulted in  Robyn riding many problemed horses, and learning how to best  work through issues with them. She is willing to come out and  evaluate problemed horses through working with them on the  ground for a fee of $30, and afterwards provides a free  consultation detailing what she believes should be done for the  horse. Note: Working with problemed horses is inherently risky.  Robyn is not willing to rush things or put herself or the horse in  danger in order to possibly achieve a faster result at the risk of    injury. Robyn is happy to work with these horses, however she  takes her time and makes sure both parties are set up for  success. 

 Horses brought in for training are under Robyn's direct care.  Through her studies of Equine Nutrition as well as Equine  Environmental Management, Robyn has become very educated  in the science behind horse care. This combined with her  lifetime of practical experience caring for horses makes her a  reliable person to entrust your horses health and well being to. 





Full Training at My Facility

Board Included:                               $250.00/week


Training Sessions at Your

Facility in the 

Langley/Abbotsford Area:                $50.00/session


To inquire about training sessions outside of the Langley/Abbotsford area, please see our Contact Us page. Prices will increase with need to travel.  

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