Training Program:

~Please note that we do not currently have room in our program for outside training horses~


All training at Alliance Training & Stud is undertaken with the utmost focus on the biomechanics, behavior, and physical capabilities of the horse. Horses are brought along in a method that is effective, but fair to the horse. Emphasis is put on not only teaching horses different skills, but teaching them to be relaxed and curious as they move through these skills. We train horses to try for their rider.

Young Horse Program:

The Alliance Training & Stud training program also focuses on taking in promising prospect horses for English & Western Dressage, Working Equitation, and Extreme Mountain Trail. These horses are brought in, given a solid and professional foundation, and then placed up for sale once they are deemed ready to move on. If you are interested in purchasing a young prospect but do not see one listed for sale, feel free to PM us- we may be working on a horse that's just what you're looking for. 



Full Training at Alliance Training & Stud:                               $250.00/week

(Board included)