''“I have had the pleasure of training under Robyn since March of 2016, and during that time she has displayed her exceptional teaching ability. Robyn’s natural talent for working with horses shines through in her lessons, and her friendly personality allows you to feel comfortable from day one. Whether you are just getting started or looking for more experienced training, Robyn incorporates horsemanship teaching into her instruction, and builds well rounded lesson plans. I came to Robyn with several years of lessons under my belt as a child, but all the insecurities of riding a horse after a long time out of the saddle. I’ve developed a strong bond to Robyn and her horses, and can say that my riding has improved tremendously in the past 6 months. I am constantly impressed with Robyn’s knowledge, experience, and affinity towards the work she does. I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in lessons.”

                                                                        ~Amanda Juhasz

About Robyn:

Robyn Elizabeth Marsen was born on a small farm in Langley, BC in 1995. By 6 months old she was already up on the horse with her mother, Instructor Elaine Marsen. At age four, Robyn got her first pony, a four year old green broke Shetland named Whiskey, whom she learned to ride Western. The experiences Robyn had learning to ride Whiskey would shape her riding style for the rest of her life. On this pony, Robyn learned the importance of communication and lightness between horse and rider. 


Around age nine, Robyn developed a keen interest in training horses and delved into her mother's library of resources. A book that became of increasing importance for Robyn was ''Basic Training of the Young Horse'', by Reiner Klimke. At age 12, Robyn got the opportunity to try out the systems she'd read about in such books. She purchased an untrained Welsh/Arab pony, and her journey into the world of horse training began.  

Through High School, Robyn got the opportunity to ride and work with many more green horses by volunteering to ride anything she could get her hands on. During this time, Robyn also got the opportunity to ride a variety of horses with problems suck as chronic rearing, chronic bucking, taking off, and general disrespect for humans. These experiences gave Robyn a solid education in how to best work through such problems with horses. She started another mare at age 14, who she now uses to give lessons on. 


In her teen years, Robyn schooled her Trakehner gelding ''Constable'' in Dressage, Hunter/Jumpers and Eventing. With little funding, Robyn for the most part spent her budget on clinics and lessons as opposed to showing. Still, she could be seen at the occasional Dressage or Jumper show in the area, where she was frequently in the ribbons. Through her youth, Robyn also rode Western, and gained skills in obstacle work and various other activities. 


At age 18, Robyn began teaching riding lessons to a couple of neighborhood girls. These students would ignite Robyn's passion for teaching riding and horsemanship, as well as make her proud by consistently placing in the ribbons at local schooling shows. To further educate herself in Instructing, Robyn took a 20 hour Coaching Mentorship course with Equine Canada Master Evaluator Maureen Walters. In this course, she learned about planning lessons, keeping riders safe, and teaching riding in a way that is progressive and easy to understand. At this age, Robyn also purchased the Andalusian colt ''VA Jason'' as a Dressage prospect. Shortly after, she took on a Working Student position with Angel Robson of October Farms. Under Angel's guidance, Robyn was able to improve greatly as both a rider and horseman. 

During her time as a Working Student, Robyn was also enrolled in the University of Guelph's Equine Studies and Equine Business Management programs. She graduated in 2015 with distinction, and an A average. Through this time, Robyn also began the training of her young stallion, VA Jason.   

Throughout the years, Robyn has traveled to Steinbach, Manitoba to have her Coaching skills evaluated by the Certified Horsemanship Association. The Certified Horsemanship Association (C.H.A) is the largest organization dedicated to certifying horseback riding instructors in the world, evaluating instructors on an international level. Their Instructor certifications range from Levels 1 to 4. Robyn is certified at a Level 3 for English Riding and Jumping, and a Level 2 for Western Riding. Robyn is eternally a student, and looks forward to continuing to progress up the levels.

With all these things to look forward to in the future, Robyn maintains a positive outlook on life and horsemanship. Her coaching style is highly informative, with emphasis placed on not only how to do things, but why we do things that way, and what the benefit is for the horse both mentally and physically. Classically minded, Robyn looks forward to bringing along her young stallion, as well as becoming a better rider and instructor through continuing her own education! 


Level 3 English Instructor



Level 2 Western Instructor



Diploma in Equine Studies

University of Guelph


Certificate in Equine Business Management

University of Guelph


Working Student Position

October Farms


20 Hours Coaching Mentorship

Maureen Walters


Red Cross Standard First Aid & CPR

Last updated

February 2018


''I am a Masters student learning about leadership, change, and conflict. To learn more about leadership systems and myself as a leader, I decided to take horseback riding lessons. Robyn has exceeded my learning objectives over the last three months in so many ways. She is very attentive to my learning needs and has the right balance of honest, compassionate feedback and positive encouragement. I admire her awareness, emotional intelligence and progressive learning platform. She is highly organized, and effectively moves in and out as educator, coach and observer. Part of my lessons include learning about horse care, riding coordination and Liberty work, where I learn to be the horses leader from the ground. I've learned that I have limits to my assertion, confidence and sensitivity when it comes to the horses. These are areas where, through lessons, I continue to evolve and learn. I am committed to this journey, and look forward to having Robyn and her team of diverse horses help me get there. Thank you, Robyn! Everything about you, your farm and team has been positive''

                                                          ~ Tara Kowaliski  

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