VA Jason:

Breed: P.R.E Andalusian (Revised)


Name: VA Jason (pronounced Hass-on)


DOB: April.13th, 2012. 


Height: 16 hh

2020 Stud Fee: $1200.00 PRE Andalusian Mares

                             $800.00 Other Breeds

                             +300.00 Non-Refundable Booking/Collecting Fee

At Alliance Training & Stud, we believe a stallion should not only exhibit superb athleticism, power and elegance, but also be exceedingly trainable, with a sane, safe disposition. VA Jason is our premier stallion because he exhibits all of these traits, and more. His calm, intelligent disposition is matched with his superb extension and animation to create the ideal modern Andalusian stallion. 


VA Jason has produced multiple Top 5 get at the National level in Canada, and himself holds a Reserve National title as well as top 5 placing, having only ever shown in two classes at the National level. 

With an extensive family history of National Champions in Canada, The United States and Spain, Jason brings to the table a long lineage of success. Following in the footsteps of ancestors Leviton and Agente, Jason moves with an elevated level of extension and elegance. 

Jason has produced a number of correct, well-tempered foals. His limited foals so far are a combination of strength and sophistication, giving them potential not only as great show horses, but also athletic working horses. 


He is open for breeding to both Andalusian and Non-Andalusian mares. The Andalusian is a breed that crosses well with Quarter Horses, Warmbloods, and many breeds in between. In particular, they are known for passing on their power, expressive movement, and reliable temperaments. VA Jason has had fantastic results when crossed with Quarter Horse mares. 

 Added to the elite Spanish Studbook in 2015, Jason's offspring by P.R.E mares are eligible for P.R.E status. All offspring can be registered with the IALHA as Half-Andalusian. Foals by Registered AQHA or APHA Mares are eligible for full registration with the American Azteca Horse International Association. ALL FOALS by VA Jason can be registered with the Iberian Warmblood Registry International.




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Show Results:

2013-         IALHA Reserve National Champion for

                    Colts 1yr & Under.

2019-         IALHA Top 5 Andalusian Best                                      Movement. (big class! 3,4,5, not given                        out) 


VA Jason boasts a long lineage of success. Here, we highlight the successes of some of his most noteworthy ancestors. 

Mystiques Padrino- Sire. 

2005-  National Champion Colt 1yr & Under

2005-  Gold Metal Movement Winner

2005-  National Champion Colt 2yrs & Under

2006-  National Champion Colt 2yrs

2009-  National Champion Iberian Working Equitation Dressage

2009-  National Champion Working Equitation

2010- Reserve National Champion Baroque Working Horse Equitation

2013- Reserve National Champion Andalusian English Show Hack

2013- National Champion English Pleasure Open

 VMF Valencia- Dam

2013- National Champion Andalusian Senior Mares

2013- National Champion Andalusian Best Movement

Escamillo- Paternal Grand Sire.

Sire to over 12 US National Champions

Sired two of the ''fab four'' US National Champions, who have all won National Champion Colt, Junior Stallion and Senior Stallion in their lifetimes. 

United States National Grand Champion


2005-  National Champion Andalusian Get of Sire 

MI Preferencia- Paternal Grand Dam.

2007-  National Champion Andalusian Fillies 2yrs & Under

2007-  National Champion Andalusian Best Movement

2007-  National Champion Andalusian Fillies 3yrs & Under Amateur to Handle 

2007-  National Champion Andalusian Mares Amateur to Handle 

2008-  National Champion Andalusian Jr Mare

2008-  Reserve National Champion Andalusian Mares Amateur to Handle

2009-  National Champion Jr. Mare

2009-  National Champion Gold Medal Movement Winner

2009-  National Champion Best Movement 

2009-  Reserve National Champion English Show Hack Youth

2009- Reserve National Champion Andalusian English Pleasure Hunt Seat Youth

2009-  Reserve National Champion English Pleasure Youth

2009- National Champion Andalusian Mares all ages

2010- Reserve National Champion Andalusian Senior Mare

2010- National Champion Andalusian Best Movement

2010- National Champion Andalusian Mare all ages

Ocioso VIII- Paternal Great Grand Sire

Sire of more US National Champions than any sire to date

2004- United States National Champion Senior Stallion

2012- Reserve National Champion Get of Sire

The list of fantastic horses VA Jason can boast in his pedigree seems to never end. Other noteworthy ancestors include the unforgettable Genio III, The Spanish and Mexican National Champion Genil, as well as the Iconic Legionario III, the Spanish Champion who's fame was so great he was turned into a Breyer Model Horse. He is also a close descendant of the Spanish, Mexican and Costa Rican Champion of Champions Estimado V, as well as of course Jenson, Leviton and Agente, who's legacies speak for themselves. If you're looking for a flawless pedigree, you've found it.  

~For Pictures of Offspring, See Our Foals Page!!!~

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