Lesson Horses:

Our lesson horses are part of the family, and in several cases have been with us for many years. Each with their own unique personality, our lesson horses and ponies are above all safe and sane individuals. We love them dearly!

Whiskey & Trigger:

Whiskey and Trigger are our Shetland Ponies, and have been with us for over seventeen years! Trigger and Whiskey are full siblings, and they are 24 and 21 years old respectively. Although Shetland Ponies enjoy longer life spans than the average horse, they are still getting up there in age! Whiskey is a full time lesson pony, whereas Trigger is enjoying semi-retirement. They are an adorable and reliable pair to have around, and are worth their weight in gold! 

Triggers motto: ''Slow and Steady doesn't win many races, but I sure enjoy it!''

Whiskey's motto: '' Big Hair, Not a Care, can you tell I'm a Mare?!'' 

Edit: We unfortunately lost our dear Trigger to cushings disease. However, Whisky is still going strong!


Having earned the nickname ''Silly Willy'' almost immediately upon starting in the lesson program, Wilson is probably the closest a horse could get to a giant, sleepy puppy dog. He is calm and worry free, but also inquisitive, and loves to play with anything presented to him! Just meeting the height requirement for a horse, Wilson is used for children, teens and adults alike who are looking to learn the basics, and refine their skills. 

Wilson's motto: ''Can I play with the barrels? Can I play with the cones? Can I play with the pool noodles? Please give me treats now.''

Edit: Wilson has now moved on to a new home on Salt Spring Island! He is having fun doing his favourite thing-something new every day.


Fruaich is a middle aged large pony gelding we bought from some friends of ours after years of admiring him from afar. He spent the first portion of his life as an A-Circuit show pony, before finding his way to our farm through some friends of ours. He has been there, done that, and written several strongly worded letters to his local politician about it. The best thing about Fruaich is that he is quiet and seasoned enough for the very beginners, but also has quite advanced training for more experienced riders. Aside from being a very educated fellow, Fruaich is also known for his ''party eyes'', which come out whenever he spots a treat. Although he is only middle aged, Fruaich believes himself to be the grandfather of the farm, and his quiet, knowing attitude is a pleasure to work with. 

Fruaich's motto: ''Many years ago, when I was just a young colt out on the Prairies, my grandsire taught me a phrase that would become of great importance to me. As I grew into the horse that I now-WAIT. IS. THAT. AN. APPLE?!?!?! *cue party eyes, joints suddenly no longer sore, youth is magically restored*''  


Athena is an eleven year old Paint X mare, measuring 15.2 Hands. She has been with Robyn since she was five months old, when Robyn purchased her from the auction with her saved up birthday money. One of the first horses Robyn ever trained herself, Athena has proven herself both reliable and versatile. She is used for English and Western Lessons, and can jump, go over obstacles, and perform basic English and Western Dressage movements with ease. She's a lot of fun to have around the farm, and is a favourite of many lesson students due to her kind, sweet disposition. 

Athena's motto: ''A lady doesn't worry about others opinions.''

Edit: Athena needed a break from the lesson program, and is now being free leased out as a trail horse. 


Sam is a relatively new and very welcomed edition to our lesson program! An older Belgian Draft gelding, Sam has spent the last few years as a pleasure horse following spending his youth as an eventer. Sam is adored by adults as well as riders as young as twelve, due to his gentle, forgiving nature. Amazingly, Sam's best friend on the farm is the 12.3hh pony ''Bentley'', whom he shares a hay pile with. 



Sam's Motto, as given from his paddock while watching Bentley in the arena: ''You can do it man!!! You JUMP that jump!!! You FLEX that leg yield!! Look at you go man you are SO VALUABLE!!! Why aren't I in the arena with you????''


Jax is a six year old mustang gelding we have been working with for a couple of years! Strongly built, jet black and with a stunning half stripe on his nose, Jax is one of the most photographed horses on the property! Currently, he is being ridden only by working students and slowly being worked into the lesson program. Jax is a natural at any work involving turning on a dime, trails,

obstacles and receiving scratches on 

the neck. He has a bright future as an 

all-around western prospect and trail/

obstacle horse. He seems to enjoy both

Barrel Racing and Show Jumping. 

 Being raised in a herd 

of wild horses, Jax is also the ideal 

babysitter for foals, and is currently 

full time employed teaching the foals

manners, movement, and the best place

to stand during a thunderstorm. 


Jax's Motto: ''Shelters are for domesticated losers. Standing in the rain?? Bliss.''

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