About Us

 When I founded Alliance Training & Stud, my goal was to create a community wherein people and horses could come together for true mutual benefit. It is a place where students can learn how to motivate and encourage their horses, and horses that come in for training are trained in a way that is easy for them to understand and sets them up for success. 
Growing up with horses, it was never enough to just ride them. I wanted to understand the horses, and I wanted the horses to understand me. Many hours of studying as well as the guidance of my mother led to me starting my first horse at age 12. I never looked back. In the many years since then, I continued studying the horse from both a behavioural and biomechanical perspective. I also found a talent in teaching, and began offering riding lessons. My students continue to impress me with their progress, and that is what tells me I'm doing a good job. Most of all, it's the bond between human and horse that fuels me. 
It's that bond between horse and human that gave me the name ''Alliance''- a union formed for mutual benefit. That sums up what I work to create at Alliance Training & Stud. 
Whether you find yourself here for Horse Training, Stallion Services, Riding Lessons, or to purchase a horse, I hope you find as much enjoyment in the horses as I do. 
                                                             Robyn Elizabeth Marsen
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''Robyn has been working with myself & my mare for a couple of months now, and there is such a difference in her attitude. I feel very confident on the ground and riding her now. My mare has some physical issues, and is also very dominant. When asked to do something under saddle that she didn't want, she would rear, and a few times really exploded to the point where I was afraid to ride her. Apparently, she had a rearing habit prior to my purchasing her. I had a couple different people help me with the mare, but it wasn't a good fit, and she actually went over backwards with one of them. I came across Robyn's web site and watched the video of her working with her stallion. I was intrigued by how she explains things. It was a last ditch attempt, more than once I was told I should just get rid of the horse. Robyn started out back to basics and went on from there. She is very patient, and takes into account the mares physical limitations, but she doesn't put up with any attitude from her. She is very good at explaining why we are doing a specific exercise or movement, as well as what the benefits are for the horse both physically and mentally. Robyn doesn't just work towards one discipline, she trains both horse and rider, and really does work to create an alliance between the two. Don't let her young age fool you, I'm just thrilled with the progress we have made. Whether you're looking for training, lessons, or miles put on your horse, I would highly recommend Robyn''~ Eva Richards