When it comes to offering board, our biggest priority is making sure every horse on our property has a good quality of life. We are big believers in giving horses quality care, space to move, and companionship. 

We currently offer outdoor boarding in groups of two horses per paddock. The cost is $650.00/month, plus gst, per horse.  

Paddocks are 50x70 ft, with attached field for grass turn out when weather permits. Each paddock has a large, matted shelter with room for a round bale for 24/7 access to hay. In cases where horses are needing to watch their weight, we can do daily feeding by the flake instead. However, where possible, round bales in the shelters allow constant access to roughage, reducing the risk of ulcers etc. 

Included in board is:

~Paddock Picking.

~All feeding. Included feed is either round or square bale local hay, supplemented with Alfalfa as needed. Included is also barley and minerals as needed. Any hi-fat grains, supplements etc can be fed, but must be bought and brought to the farm by the owner. 

~Constant access to a salt block. 

~Use of facilities.

Current Facilities:

Note: We do have a lesson program running at the facility. You are welcome to ride in the indoor while lessons are going on so long as your horse does not behave in a way that is dangerous for the students. Lessons go from about 3-9 Tuesday-Friday, and Saturday Mornings. 

~70 x 200 ft Indoor Arena. 

~Grooming Stalls, Hot & Cold Wash Stalls, Bathrooms, Lounge (Covid protocol in place) 

~80 x 120 ft Outdoor Hog Fuel Arena we are currently filling with obstacles. 

~60 ft Round Pen

~Jump Standards, Poles, Pole Bending Poles, Barrels, Obstacles etc. 

Note: We are currently working on putting in a 160 x 300 ft Seasonal Grass Derby Field, as well as a 100 x 200 ft Sand Outdoor arena. However, these projects may not be completed until sometime in 2021. 

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