2019 Foals:

ATS A Glamorous Motive

~Registered Azteca Filly~

ATS A Glamorous Motive

A.K.A: Hazel 

This lovely filly is by our P.R.E. Andalusian Stallion ''VA Jason'', and out of our AQHA mare ''Shesa Glamour Girl''. Hazel here was bred specifically to excel at Western Dressage & Working Equitation, but could also excel in a variety of disciplines with her movement and temperament. She is currently a dunskin, but will turn gray like her sire. He seems to have a beautiful, slow-greying gene and has no family history of melanomas.

She really is the ideal combination of Stock Horse strength, and Iberian elegance. She is already proving to be a wide, solid girl, with almost a carbon copy of her sire's fantastic neck and shoulder. Her movement is free, floaty, and powerful.

She will come halter broke, picking up her feet, and registered.


ATS A Hollywood Havoc

~Registered Azteca Colt~

ATS A Hollywood Havoc

A.K.A: Milo

This gorgeous colt is by our P.R.E Stallion ''VA Jason'', and out of our AQHA broodmare ''Hollywood Chu''. Milo was bred with Western Dressage & Working Equitation in mind. However, he is showing himself to be elegant enough for English Dressage, as well as agile and quick enough for a variety of western disciplines. This guy stops on a dime, and accelerates just as fast. 

He is a SMART and CONFIDENT foal, who is bothered by little in terms of new environments, new horses, or new objects he hasn't seen before. He is taking well to halter training, and will come with his Azteca registration papers, halter broke, and picking up his feet. 

Milo is being offered at $5,000.00 Canadian. 


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ATS Corriente

~P.R.E. Andalusian Colt~